Food Processing Machines by GLASS

We are happy to meet the special challenges of the confectionery industry.

In the production of confectionery a good and very precise mixing of the individual ingredients is very important. For this purpose, GLASS has particularly gentle mixers in its range, which can mix even the most sensitive products very well without any great stress.

In addition to these gentle mixers, there are intensive mixers and universal mixers that mix all ingredients precisely within a very short time.


In addition, the plants can be equipped with very precise temperature control facilities to ensure that the required production processes are carried out with the utmost precision.

Our intensive mixers also offer the possibility to produce powders, liquids and pastes. For the production of confectionery it is particularly practical that our mixers can also crush at the same time. This way, the grinding of nuts is just as successful as the processing of rework.

  • Mixing (VAS, AGM, VSM)
    • Drink powder
    • White chocolate mass
    • Waffle dough
    • Frozen fruit
    • Smoothies
  • Temperature control/ heating/ cooking (VSM, WOK)
    • red fruit jelly
    • Halva
    • Chocolate fillings
    • Jam
    • Rice Pudding
  • Emulsification/ comminution (AGM, VAS, BestCut)
    • Nougat
    • Marzipan
    • Rework
  • ... and much more

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