Delicatessen & Cheese

Food Processing Machines by GLASS

All our machines meet the high hygienic requirements for delicatessen and cheese products.

Delicatessen and cheese products require special attention to the hygiene and cleanability of a machine. Since these products are often no longer heated, all process steps must be carried out under ideal conditions. We guarantee this for all our mixers with specially developed sealing systems and corresponding cleaning concepts.

Of course, the machines are already designed by us in such a way that the operators can easily implement this requirement.


    Furthermore, our food mixers are known for their gentle mixing processes for sensitive delicatessen salads. In order to obtain high-quality and visually appealing products here, particularly slow mixing speeds and large container diameters are required.

    With our intensive mixers you can easily make dips and dressings.
    These slow-running mixers are also ideal for cream cheese preparations and processed cheese masses.

      • Mixing (VSM)
        • Pasta salad
        • Potato salad
        • Coleslaw
        • Tsatsiki
        • Cream cheese
      • Emulsification (VAS, AGM)
        • Dips
        • Salsa
        • Dressings
        • Hummus
        • Mayonnaise
        • Ketchup
        • Spreads
        • Patés
      • Temperature control (VSM, VAS, AGM)
        • Processed cheese
        • Spreads
      • ... and much more

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