Food Processing Machines by GLASS

Numerous fish products can be processed particularly gently with our systems.

Fish and fish products are very demanding for machines and processes. It may be that very gentle mixing is required to preserve the structures of the fish. For this purpose, GLASS manufactures particularly gentle mixers which, with their mixing arm with scraper, maintain the product in its high quality.


Other production processes require intensive mixing and crushing in order to produce patés or surimi, for example. For this purpose, GLASS develops special intensive mixers that can also be equipped with heating and cooling facilities.

  • Mixing (VSM)
    • Fish salad
    • Seafood salad
    • Crabs
    • Fishburger
  • Shredding (VAS, AGM)
    • Tuna brine
    • Surimi
    • Fish cake
  • Emulsification (AGM, VAS)
    • Tarama
    • Fish Paté
    • Fish pudding
    • Salmon Paté
    • Caviar paté
  • ... and much more

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