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GLASS contribution to the circular and sustainable economy

Sustainability and environmental protection

Every step counts
Sustainability in metal engineering
For a shared future
High Quality products for generations
Sustainable shipping processes
Supporting electromobility

Lifetime service and spare parts guarantee

Durable machines, built for generations

We build our machines according to circular and sustainable principles. When used in industrial settings, sometimes operating in three shifts, the machines are not treated gently. That is why we do not save on raw materials during production, but build the machines in such a way, that the basic form of stainless steel body and stainless steel mixing drum might only be broken with intent. For components that are subject to natural wear, such as seals, electronics or mixing tools, we offer our customers a lifetime spare parts and service guarantee. We regularly have machines in our house that have been in service for 10, 20, 30 years or more.

Vegan and Vegetarian

Machines matching the change in the food industry

As a machine manufacturer for the food industry, we are actively involved in the change of eating habits. Only 10-20 years ago, the topic of vegetarian and vegan was not yet big in the media. But since the early 90s, we have been building mixers for the production of precisely these products. This is a competitive advantage for us today. Our machines are particularly well suited for the production of vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives. Vegan sausages, hummus, cream cheese, sauces, puddings, salads, vegan minced meat and much more. About 80% of our trials in the pilot plant are now with foods that reflect this social change.

Supply of the factory with

Green Electricity

Since 2016, we receive green electricity from Stadtwerke Paderborn GmbH. It was important for us to choose a supplier who, in addition to optimal customer service, exclusively supplies green electricity and does not just have a green electricity tariff on offer.

Sustainable processes and materials

Environmental care in shipping

Our question was: Where do we lose raw materials needlessly? The answer: in shipping. This made the transition in this area one of our first priorities.

We used to pack spare parts in clear bags for better visibility, but we changed this to paper packaging known in the household: the good old sandwich bag.

We continued to look for plastics and synthetics in the shipping process and coordinated with our suppliers. We obliged them to use only plastic-free packaging. This significantly reduced the amount of material that was difficult to recycle.

The fact that we only receive cardboard boxes without plastic helped us in the next step. By purchasing a dust-free shredding machine, we now recycle the cardboard boxes from our suppliers. This way we can safely pack our spare parts without bubble wrap. We shred them into filling material so that the high-quality spare parts arrive safely.

We still have the adhesive tapes to seal our boxes. We also replaced these with adhesive tapes made of paper. We implemented the project with a partner from Herford.


Refuelling? But please with green electricity

10 years ago, we would never have thought that we would operate a "gas station". Today, there is a charging station with two connections in front of our company headquarters to support electromobility. The most recent purchases of our company vehicles were also hybrid models.