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Industrial Mixer with process cooling

Cooling Blender

Cooling Blender - Industrial food mixer with process cooling

Food Processing Machines by GLASS

GLASS cooling blenders support various cooling processes with a wall scraping scraper.

Many foodstuffs must be cooled during the production process. This may be necessary either for optimum shelf life or for the perfect product structure. Such cooling processes can either be carried out indirectly with cooled container walls or directly with corresponding cryogenic gases.

In the GLASS cooling mixers, a wall-stripping scraper is used as a mixing tool for wall cooling. This ensures that the mixture is mixed and the wall is scraped continuously. This improves the heat transfer and prevents the product from freezing on the wall. The entire contents of the vessel are therefore continuously mixed and cooled at the same time.

In gas-cooled applications, cryogenic gases flow into the container. This dissipates energy and reduces the temperature. It is important here that the mixing tool operates continuously and that neither local subcooling nor warm spots remain.

The GLASS cooling mixers are equipped with various proven nozzles and lances for introducing the gases. The selection of the number and the positions of the injection points is always related to the product. As a further direct cooling option, suitably designed vacuum pumps are available, with which the product can be cooled down quickly and in an energy-saving manner.

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