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Fine particle shredding and mincing

Food Grinder

Food Grinder

Food Grinder by GLASS

Shredders and crushing plants produce powdery to pasty products. Optionally batch or inline processes.

Many foods must be chopped in individual processing steps in order to develop their taste or function optimally.

At GLASS, mixers are available in which the products can be chopped using appropriate chopping tools.
With different parameter sets for the machines it is possible to grind either very coarsely or very finely.

During shredding, the phases of the products are sometimes also changed. For example, a coarse bulk material may turn into solid pastes at the end of the process.

For these requirements, the GLASS shredders are built especially robustly and efficiently.

In addition to batch production in a closed container, we also offer the possibility of manufacturing products in a continuous production in-line. Here, the raw materials are continuously processed by the machine. For certain processes in the food industry, uninterrupted product flows are extremely important. We can meet this challenge with our inline machines.

If products are to be shredded as finely as possible, the use of ultra-fine shredders is the best solution.

Many products should be shredded as finely as possible in order to either optimally break them up, make them more digestible or adjust the texture of the product. Sometimes the mouthfeel also plays a major role.

The GLASS BestCut fine shredders are a two-stage system in which the product must pass through up to two successive cutting points. In these two cutting stages the fineness is usually reduced step by step. This prevents the product from passing through a second, even finer cutting geometry.

The ultra-fine shredders can be integrated into a process plant. Depending on the requirements, the ultra-fine shredder can be positioned at the outlet of a machine or at a circulation line to mix and shred the product in circulation.

It is important to position the machine at a point where the product really does pass through completely.

If no integration is desired or necessary, the systems can also be manufactured as stand-alone systems. They then have either a large hopper with a safety cover at the inlet or a connection for a pipeline.

All GLASS fine shredders are equipped with a frequency converter for a smooth start as well as flexible adjustment options and allow for economical operation.

A further advantage of our fine shredders is that the blades of the cutting rings are screwed and can therefore be replaced individually.

Our shredders are particularly suitable for the production of the following products
  • Tuna brine
  • Surimi
  • Fish cake
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Baby Food
  • Liver godfather
  • Pork sausage
  • Rework

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