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Industrial Mixing Machines by GLASS

Food Mixers and Process Plants for the food industry

Many foods are a mixture of different high-quality raw materials. In order to mix these raw materials ideally, the technology must be adapted to the corresponding product. For this purpose, GLASS can fall back on a large portfolio of food mixers with different mixing speeds, machine sizes and mixing tools.

We have plants available with capacities ranging from 15 to almost 3,000 litres. The drives of the mixers can either work slowly and thus gently or quickly and intensively. The mixing tools are, depending on the application, particularly gentle on the product, rounded tools or knives with particularly sharp blades.

Stable comminution tools and high-shear turbines are also available. Together with our customers we find the right solution for every product requirement. In doing so, GLASS can look back on almost 50 years of successfully solving requirements and applying the knowledge gained to new applications.

"Mixing means trying" is a proven saying when dealing with mixtures. We can carry out these tests on appropriate laboratory equipment and demonstration machines either in our demo centre in Paderborn or directly on site at our customers.

Intensive mixers guarantee a total mixing of all components within the shortest time

Intensive mixers generate a turbulent flow in the product with their special mixing tools. This flow is usually rhomboid in shape and leads to a total mixing of all components in the shortest possible time. The mixing effect can still be changed by using different mixing tools.

If desired, additional tasks such as crushing, homogenizing, suspending or emulsifying can also be carried out in the intensive mixer.

Thermal processes such as heating or cooling can also be carried out without any problems during intensive mixing. It is precisely this carrying out of the most varied operations in a single machine that makes our systems so flexible and efficient.

Intensive mixers can be used for liquids as well as pastes and powders. Therefore our intensive mixers are often used in the spice industry.

Our food mixers are particularly suitable for the production of the following products
  • Cream Cheese
  • Vegan Cheese
  • Seafood
  • Hummus
  • Drink powder
  • White chocolate mass
  • Waffle dough
  • Smoothies
  • Marinade
  • Dried spice
  • Soups
  • Salt
  • Ketchup, Mayonnaise
  • Dry soups
  • Sauces
  • Rice
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Pizza sauce
  • Salads
  • Cooked Ham
  • Coleslaw
  • Tsatsiki
  • Ready Made Meals
  • Steak, Schnitzel
  • Goulash

Versatile meat processing machines for the special requirements of meat processing companies

Meat processing machines have been part of GLASS' product portfolio since the company was founded in 1972. The tumblers, mariners, kneaders and comminution equipment are specially manufactured to meet the requirements of meat processing plants.

In addition to these machines from the field of mixing technology, we have developed other meat processing machines such as Schnitzel Flattener and Steakers. This enables us to offer our customers from the meat processing sector optimum solutions for these production processes as well.

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