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Industrial Frying

Industrial Frying by GLASS

Controlled searing, cooking, simmering and browning are easily achieved with the industrial roaster or WOK.

Frying processes in the food industry are usually carried out at temperatures up to 200°C. In these processes, browning of products can be just as desirable as the generation of reaction aromas. These aromas are also called roasting aromas and ensure the good taste of the product. Precise temperature control with appropriate mixing of the product ensures that the desired aromas are created without the product burning.

The integrated motor-driven agitator allows the quality of the process to be well controlled, resulting in a high-quality end product.

In addition to frying processes, our industrial roasters can of course also be used for tasks such as cooking, evaporation or caramelisation.

With the help of the built-in swivel mechanism, the product can be easily emptied after completion. At the same time, sieve lids also allow liquids to be poured off. Experience has shown that the ideal machine size for industrial fryers is 400 litres.

    Our industrial roasters are particularly suitable for the production of the following products
    • Greaves
    • Prepared dishes
    • Bami Goreng
    • Nasi Goreng

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