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Meat Tumbler and Vacuum Tumbler

Industrial tumbler with optional Vacuum

Industrial tumbler with optional Vacuum

Industrial Tumblers by GLASS

The industrial tumblers from GLASS allow intensive tumbling, tumbling and marinating of meat.

Industrial tumbling, marinating and rumbling of meat improves the quality of the products: proteins are activated and thus the water-binding capacity is increased. It also makes the meat more tender and improves cohesion during cooking. Our mixing drum is designed to hold large quantities of meat, marinades, and other seasonings. The size and capacity of an industrial meat tumbler can varies from 80 to 2700 liters, being able to hold up to several thousand pounds of meat at a time.

The GLASS tumblers can be operated up to a filling level of 80%, whereby the scraper enables efficient processing of the meat. The steel drum contains the mixing equipment on the insid. The drum can be rotated to adjust the mixing position. Our mixing drum does not rotate around it's own axis like other mixers.

Even if the products adhere to the drum wall as the protein digestion increases, they are removed again by the scraper of the tumbler. This ensures that the entire product is processed in the mixing vessel. The scraper empties the system quickly and completely.

    The drum wall of the tumbler can be tempered during the production process. This ensures an ideal processing temperature and thus guarantees the highest quality of the finished product. The purpose of an industrial meat tumbler is to improve the flavor and texture of the meat by ensuring that the marinade and seasonings are evenly distributed and to adjust the water in the meat. The tumbling action also helps to tenderize the meat by breaking down tough muscle fibers.

    Industrial meat tumblers are commonly used in food processing facilities to prepare various types of meat, including beef, pork, poultry, and fish. Our mixers you can easily adjust the mixing speeds, have automated controls and can be programmed to your needs.

    Our industrial tumblers are particularly suitable for the production of the following meat products
    • Steak
    • Cooked cured products
    • Poultry
    • Pastrami
    • Marinating

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