Meat Tenderizer

Food Processing Machines by GLASS

GLASS has developed special steak machines for steaking and tenderising cutlets, steaks and cooked ham.

For some meat products, a steak or tenderiser is desired. For these tasks, GLASS has developed two different versions of steak machines.

The Schnitzel-Steaker with rather short knives is particularly suitable for tenderising schnitzels or steaks and thus achieving a consistent product quality. Pieces of meat treated in this way retain their shape during subsequent roasting or cooking, are easier to digest and the mouthfeel is also improved. At the same time the structure of the meat is retained.


With the boiled ham steaker, long circular knives are used to cut deep into the meat, thus improving the distribution of the injected brine. The roughened surface of the ham allows the pieces to adhere better to each other in the further process. This significantly reduces cutting losses during slicing. The cooked ham steakers also have an additional pressure roller which activates the proteins contained in the ham and can lead to reduced tumbling times while improving the product at the same time.

    Our steak machines are particularly suitable for the production of the following products
    • Cooked ham
    • Schnitzel
    • Poultry
    • Cooked cured products

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