Company politics

By steady development, the company grew from a manufacturer of small handcraft machines to a supplier of custom made machinery. Today GLASS is building more and more process machines for the industrial production. The company is also involved in projecting complete production lines.


Even after the change in generation, the traditional value like durability and solidity with newest techniques and the benchmark in hygienic design and ISO 9001 controlled production processes as the fundament of the company politics are developed further on.


The techniques used today like 3D-CAD guarantee a customer oriented production of all machines. One of the specialties of GLASS is to build all machines to the custom demands and deliver in shortest possible time.


In the 46 years history of GLASS it was always and will always be the effort of all the customer and the satisfaction of the customer are in the first place. The top aim of the company politics is to offer a solution for the special problem definition of the customer.

Instead of just delivering a machine, it is to develop an ideal solution for the customers belongings with the customer together.

From manufacturer of handcraft machines to supplier of custom made machines

1972:  The company was founded by Horst Glass

1980:  New building at Frankfurter Weg 28, Paderborn was erected

1985:  Ludger Glass joins the company in the sales area

1990:  size of the production area is doubled

1990:  Ralf Glass joins the company in the technical area

1998:  the office building is built new

1998:  Andreas Glass joins the company in sales area

1999:  first certificate in ISO 9001

2000:  change in generation; foundation of Glass GmbH & Co. KG

2004:  CAD change to 3D modelling of all machines

2010:  new demo center

2015:  Philip Glass joins the company in sales area

2015:  rent an adjacent storage hall to increase the production area

2018:  The food technologist Anna Dörr takes over the management of the demo center and strengthens the sales department.