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EHEDG Membership

We are a member of the   EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) and thus ensure that our machines are always designed according to the latest guidelines.



New Partner für Benelux

We are pleased to have found a new partner for the sales and service of GLASS machines in the Benelux countries.


Verbufa B.V.



Kontact Netherlands:

Hanzeboulevard 20 – 22
3825 PH Amersfoort

T +31 (0)33 455 43 33
F +31 (0)33 455 43 34


Kontakt Belgium

Mellestraat 56
B-8501 Heule

T +32(0)56 353254
F +32(0)56 353706

small flattener SPR 200

With more than 40 years of experience in the construction of escalope sheets, GLASS GmbH now presents a new model in the lower performance range especially for trade, catering and gastronomy.
The technique is based on the principle of the belt plate with 2 belts, between which the gap tapers in the running direction. Additional rollers are built into the belt bodies to achieve an extra knocking effect and increase performance. The industry standards are fully implemented to ensure robust and long-lasting operation.
In electrical and drive technology, too, great importance was attached to robust industrial quality in order to continue to supply quality "made in Germany".
The main reasons for using shredder blades instead of the manual tapping method are on the one hand the efficiency of the process and on the other hand the exact quality of the end product. This also allows subsequent operations such as frying or cooling to be carried out with much greater process reliability.
The space available in production was taken into account by a double-storey arrangement of the belts. The meat is placed on top and then moved down between the bands to come out flattened on the same side at the end. This meant that the installation space of the machine could be halved for the same output. The output of the plant is approx. 1,500 escalopes per hour and can therefore also meet ambitious requirements.
Like all GLASS machines, this plate is also produced in Paderborn, where the consistently high quality can be guaranteed. The system can also be demonstrated directly in the pilot plant.

VSM hand tightening nut

The newly developed hand-tightening nut is making it possible to install and remove the mixing tools on all GLASS specialty-food mixers and tumblers without the need for tools.

To securely mount the mixing tools on our machines, we use a thread at the end of the mixing shaft. This has been a proven solution for more than 40 years.


In the past, to change the mixing tools, the capped nut at the top of the thread had to be loosened and tightened with a wrench.

With the newly developed hand-tightening nut, a planetary gear multiplies the torque by a factor of six, making it now possible to loosen and tighten the nut by hand without the use of additional tools. Since no tools are required, the time required for checking, cleaning and storing of the tools is also saved. The design of the new hand-tightening nut allows it to be retrofitted to all existing GLASS machines.


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