Equipment details

All machines are built in different executions like:

  • Vacuum capabilities with different types of vacuum pumps
  • Heating capabilities with steam, direct steam, hot water and thermal oil
  • Cooling capabilities with cold water, N2, Co2 and Vacuum. The Nitrogen and carbon dioxide cooling executions are also available as a CDI-Direct injection cooling
  • PLC control with programs for the requirements of the customer and their products. Also process visualizing, and Ethernet connection is possible
  • Manufacturing of the machines in different stainless steel types and surface finishes for the individual customers requirements
  • Pivoting devices for mixing drums, to provide a simplified operation
  • Automatic loading devices
  • Frequency control of the mixing motors to get the best mixing results and to minimize energy consumption for environmentally friendly requirements
  • Design of the machines for difficult structural environments like narrow floors or low scaling heights